Food here may be on the pricier side, but it makes an ideal option for an intimate sit-down meal. Their Italian menu boasts plenty of anchovies and pepperoni as well as fresh mozzarella for dessert!

Thamel’s iconic courtyard cafe, this garden restaurant has long been renowned for serving international fare such as creole jambalaya and barbecued beef, with frequent travelers joining onstage musicians for spontaneous jam sessions.

The Venue

New Orleans Cafe in Thamel is an established bar and restaurant known for their globally inspired fusion cuisine and vast beverage selection, creating an intimate and inviting environment with friendly staff that offer great hospitality – the ideal spot to socialise with friends while listening to live music performances!

Kathmandu offers several fine restaurants for those seeking more sophisticated fare than rice and lentils, such as Kaiser Cafe – an Austrian culinary oasis in the garden-filled Kaiser Mahal complex of Rana-era buildings – offering delicious Austrian specialities such as schnitzel and sachertorte while providing respite from Kathmandu’s cacophony behind its walls.

Chez Caroline is another excellent option in Kathmandu and offers authentic French food in its entirety. Situated within an elegant renovated Rana-era palace near central Kathmandu, Chez Caroline serves exquisite salads, quiches, tartes and an impressive wine list – as well as being located within its renovated Rana palace environment.

Pumpernickel bakery is an essential stop for those with a sweet tooth. Boasting multiple outlets across the city, the bakery boasts delicious cakes and pastries as well as high-quality bread and baked goods at fair prices with reliable customer service – perfect if you need a quick bite on-the-go.

The Menu

This restaurant is an excellent option for foodies who enjoy variety. Their diverse menu ranges from European fare to traditional Nepalese fare and also features wine and cocktails – not to mention friendly service and delectable dishes! Nestled within Thamel is this pleasant Newari courtyard restaurant which serves an assortment of pastas, salads and grilled foods as well as vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings as well as beverages like Italian Illy coffee and cocktails!

Are you in search of the ideal spot to relax and sip some coffee? Look no further! This charming cafe’s owner has an unrivaled passion for their product: they roast their own beans and offer various ways to serve them, in addition to offering desserts and cold beverages.

Prices are reasonable and food delicious; perfect for after work drinks with friends or on date night. Plus, the peaceful and relaxing ambience makes for great conversation or casual conversations!

This restaurant features an expansive outdoor seating area, perfect for taking in the sights of Kathmandu. There’s also a full bar offering wines and beers as well as vegetarian and non-vegetarian dining options to please all family members.

The Ambiance

At the center of the city lies this restaurant – a popular hangout among travelers and locals alike – serving globally inspired fusion food along with some traditional Nepali fare, beverages of various types and an inviting ambience – making this a great spot to socialise or meet new people.

The menu at New Orleans Cafe blends European and Asian influences, with vegetarian-friendly offerings. In addition, the restaurant features an outdoor patio where patrons can take in the warmth of summer nights. Furthermore, in addition to food offerings there are cocktails and wines on offer as well.

Thamel Cafe and Lunch Market is a beloved breakfast and lunch spot, offering an impressive range of international cuisine such as pancakes, eggs Benedict and banana porridge. Additionally, their drinks menu features coffee and tea for your enjoyment!

Kathmandu offers many excellent dining options for breakfast and lunch, but the Green Organic Cafe stands out among them with its organic coffee and locally sourced ingredients, at reasonable prices, while offering visitors to the city an enjoyable dining experience.

Yangling Tibetan Restaurant offers the best place in Kathmandu to indulge in delectable momos, which are delicious parcels filled with meat, cheese and vegetables wrapped in wheat-flour shells that can either be steamed or fried for maximum flavor and appeal. They are particularly beloved among travelers and their intimate atmosphere makes them even more inviting.

The Service

This restaurant offers an eclectic array of European, Asian, and Fusion cuisine as well as vegetarian offerings and full bar service. Their food is absolutely delectable while their service is outstanding!

Atmosphere: Relaxed and friendly, making this restaurant an excellent venue to meet friends or colleagues. Staff: Knowledgeable and welcoming Prices: Reasonable Location of restaurant

Set within an idyllic courtyard garden setting, this eatery provides a delicious array of well-prepared pastas and Nepali dishes. Some classic Nepalese favorites such as Kukhura Ko Ledo chicken dish and Khasi Ko Pakku mutton dish can also be found here. Additionally, popular beverages such as coffee and beer are available here as well.

This charming restaurant offers globally inspired fusion dishes as well as traditional Nepali fare, making it a top pick among both tourists and locals alike. Situated right in the center of Kathmandu, its prime location makes this spot even more desirable for them both.

At this restaurant, service is fast and attentive, and their staff is more than willing to accommodate any special requests or help with cleaning up after every guest leaves. Plus, it’s clean and well maintained; perfect for quick lunches or romantic dinners; they even serve drinks for before heading out into town at night!