Nola offers everything from beignets and jazz bands, partying on Bourbon Street and gourmet cuisine – making it the ideal destination wedding destination.

Korissa and Ryan are avid partygoers, making New Orleans an obvious choice as their wedding location! Here is their stunning celebration.

1. The French Quarter

For an unforgettable New Orleans destination wedding experience, why not opt for the French Quarter wedding venue? There you will find numerous restaurants and bars with beautiful outdoor courtyards perfect for romantic ceremonies. Many venues also provide additional fun features like jazz bands or Second Line parades prior to receptions that allow your guests to get acquainted with this historic neighborhood.

French Quarter is home to one of America’s oldest and most diverse markets: French Market. Beginning as a Native trading post, its development continued over centuries as colonists from France, Spain and other nations established their shops there. Now known as an open air museum that displays New Orleans as something more than simply another American city.

Not far from Cafe du Monde is another cultural treasure: The Presbytere. This French Quarter museum hosts a rotating collection of exhibitions by local artists and researchers; other popular galleries focus on Mardi Gras history or Hurricane Katrina research.

The French Quarter is home to an abundance of stunning and unusual venues, from elegant restaurants like Chloe with its Uptown aesthetic to quirky museums such as Pharmacy Museum filled with antique apothecary tools. Popular venues in this neighborhood tend to book up quickly; especially those that feature more intimate settings.

2. Uptown

New Orleans’ uptown neighborhoods are lush and historic, featuring gorgeous homes surrounded by flowers and trees, as well as offering a diverse array of cultures, creating a restaurant scene which spans across cultures – featuring Italian pizza made with fresh dough, classic cafe fare like muffulettas and poboy sandwiches, or taking part in James Beard nominee Serigne Mbaye’s Senegalese tasting menu dinners for an incredible culinary adventure.

These restaurants also provide an ideal venue for couples looking for something different than a banquet hall wedding. Couples can reserve either the dining room or whole restaurant and work with the chef to develop a custom menu including party-worthy raw and chargrilled oysters as well as seafood dishes – perfect for an unforgettable celebration!

This charming neighborhood situated across the river from the French Quarter offers visitors and locals alike a captivating and unique New Orleans experience. Though often underappreciated when planning destination weddings, I’ve discovered its many gems for both my clients and myself; particularly its pastel pink mid-century Hotel Peter and Paul which makes for a wonderful intimate elopement or romantic getaway for two. Furthermore, its central location allows access to Audubon Park with its majestic Oak Tree known as “The Tree of Life,” incredible bird collection, and stunningly situated Oak Tree known as The Tree of Life.”

3. The Garden District

New Orleans is famously known for its beignets, French Quarter and oak tree-filled Garden District; however there’s so much more to discover! Your guests will discover shopping stops on Magazine Street; beautiful historical homes like Anne Rice’s mansion which inspired Mayfair Manor from her Vampire Chronicles series); as well as restaurants serving classic Louisiana cuisine with an unexpected flair.

One of the best ways to experience the neighborhood is with a ride on the St. Charles streetcar, offering panoramic views of stately mansions lining its route and enjoying its beauty. Your guests can hop off at Audubon Park, Tulane or Loyola University campuses, Maple Leaf Bar or Tipitina’s as well as more attractions nearby.

Cane & Table is an excellent spot for casual brunching. Popular among both locals and visitors alike, this eatery serves rustic colonial food with an intriguing touch of proto-tiki flair – plus their bottomless drink specials are hard to beat!

4. New Orleans East

Joseph and Timothy wanted their wedding day to reflect their beloved city of New Orleans, so they chose Audubon Park for both their ceremony and reception venue. Organized by Spanish Oak Events, this lavish affair featured Old-World New Orleans flair combined with many personal touches.

Though many homes in this neighborhood were damaged by Hurricane Katrina, this community has quickly recovered. Residents are determined to return it to its former thriving state and maintain an active neighborhood advisory commission to inform neighbors on community projects and economic development initiatives.

Neighborhood amenities range from diverse housing options, redeveloped historic airport with spectacular Art Deco architecture (where Amelia Earhart made one of her final landings!), commercial corridors offering shopping convenience for every category and restaurants offering everything from local favorites to international cuisine.

Lakefront Airport, Folgers Coffee, Crescent Crown Distributing and the National Finance Center are among the many key employers. Residents may choose between driving themselves or taking public transit like bus or trolley bus service when making their commute to work.